Introducing: Argano, a new approach to profitable farming

4 min readMay 21, 2021

Welcome to Argano.

Argano is a decentralized protocol and a yield aggregator which is built and supported on the Polygon sidechain network. We are aiming at creating an ecosystem that will allow more users to engage in profitable farming, effortlessly.

The said ecosystem will include a DEX powered by minimal slippage and token stability tools. Apart from a DEX, you will be able to use a convenient all-in-one-place portfolio manager to track your trading activities, easily engage in yield farming, track asset price, and a lot more.

What’s underneath?

With a goal of adding arbitrage opportunities, and engaging more liquidity into the Argano DEX, the first thing we are doing is launching synthetic and algorithmic stable coins AGOBTC and AGOUSD. The tokens will be pegged to BTC and USD respectively: the prices will be regulated by algorithms, copying exactly the price movements.

! How does it work?

When the market price of AGOUSD is above $1, users are able to mint new tokens for the total $1 value, then sell those minted tokens at the inflated market price.

When the market price of AGOUSD is below $1, users can take the opportunity to purchase tokens cheaper and redeem them for exactly a total value of $1.

The issued AGOBTC and AGOUSD will allow our users to instantly become Bitcoin investors and to farm more tokens without impermanent loss using AGOUSD respectively. Let’s change the way to save and earn.



Generally speaking, staking stablecoins is much less risky than working with highly volatile tokens. Within Argano, users will have the opportunity to stake their stable AGOBTC or AGOUSD in high-profit pools to earn AGO — Argano’s native DAO token as a reward.

This way, instead of hodling BTC or USD you can have your savings work in your favor.

In the beginning, the platform will be offering three staking vaults: AGOBTC vault, AGOUSD vault, and AGO vault.

As you can see from the infographic above, the rewards APR rates are fixed for every vault meaning you will be able to calculate the exact amount of money you can earn over the year of staking. No vague APYs that give no guarantees.

Why do I want to earn AGO?

AGO is a native token of the Argano ecosystem and has its own utility system. First and foremost, the AGO token is designed with the goal of lowering the trading fees on the Argano DEX, allowing to save money on every interaction with the Polygon sidechain.

For instance, simply holding the AGO token in your wallet can decrease the redeeming fee from 0.4% to 0.2%.

The AGO token will also be used to directly influence the future of the protocol. Only the AGO token holders will be able to engage in voting, having their say in the implementation of any features, logic, or calculations.

Overall, working as fuel to the Argano network, AGO will directly reflect the growth of the ecosystem.

So, Polygon — why?

Unlike most of DeFi ecosystems built today, we, from the very first day, were determined to create Argano on Polygon, not the usual Ethereum. While being absolutely compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Polygon sidechain is already offering its working scalability solution called Plasma, and promises a lot of prospects for the future.

It’s not news that Ethereum is clogged, and takes ginormous fees for any transactions. Investors waste money and time interacting with Ethereum on the daily basis.

With Argano we wanted to make sure our users put every penny to work, without wasting in on unnecessary fees. The Polygon network is currently the closest of any application to introducing their new solutions that will drastically decrease the commission rates, the rollups. The introduction of such a service will help more people dive into the DeFi world, as they no longer will need to pay hundreds of dollars for a transaction.

While the rollups are still in development, the existing solution — Plasma — is already there to combat Ethereum’s main issue of low throughput. Plasma allows increasing the overall performance of the Ethereum network by off-loading the transaction processing from the main chain.

To sum it up, the Polygon sidechain allows us to already offer better transaction speed and has a prospect of dramatically decreasing the fees.

The bottom line

The Argano ecosystem is centered around allowing our users to earn more, and spend less. We are building services that will be user-friendly, efficient, and intuitive, inviting more crypto newbies to jump onboard of the passive income earning. Within our platform you will be able to keep your savings safely, and earn off of them with rates higher than any traditional ecosystem can offer.

Welcome to Argano, your new approach to profitable farming

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