Argano Protocol Beta Launch Planning: News & Insights

3 min readNov 17, 2021

Hello, dear community! The Argano team is here to reveal some news and explain why we have stayed quiet for a little while. The following updates are necessary and we think that a deferred launch of the fully-functioning platform is forced in our situation. We want to offer you a quality protocol that is easy and pleasant to use: that is why we are rolling out the beta version first, and all the next features will be layered on top, with time. Back to that a bit later in the article.

Below you will be able to find a table of contents to see exactly what we will be talking about. Keep on reading to stay on the same page with the project development.

Table of Contents:

  • AGO liquidity token
  • Argano DEX release
  • Troubleshooting
  • WEN release date?

AGO liquidity token ($AGOy)

Since we have successfully closed the community private round, we want to proceed with further investment stages to release the full functionality of the protocol. In order to attract more people, together with starting an extensive marketing campaign, we decided to perform the protocol beta launch with limited features, such as:

  1. AGOUSD and AGOBTC minting and redeeming functionality.
  2. Staking AGOUSD, AGOBTC, and AGOy token.
  3. Liquidity mining event with a reduced reward distribution in the form of AGOy.

What is AGOy?

AGOy is the liquidity token of the Argano protocol, used for rewarding early contributors for participating in the liquidity provision. However, the title of a “liquidity token” can be considered wrong at first glance. AGOy won’t be a tradable token. It is designed to reward participants before the official launch and show a share of their contribution. After the official launch, all holders of the AGOy tokens will have the possibility to exchange AGOy for the AGO governance tokens at the 1:1 ratio.

☝🏻 Note: Keep in mind that the AGOy token has not yet been deployed, all other tokens with the same tickers do not in any way refer to our own AGOy token!

The Argano DEX

Currently, we are focused on the decentralized exchange functionality to be implemented within the beta launch. All the liquidity pairs, portfolio analytics, history, reward distribution will be based on the own Argano DEX. Once the basic version of decentralized exchange will be finished, we are going to introduce limit orders, which will diversify the trading experience inside the Argano protocol. Further news concerning limit orders will be released soon, so stay tuned,


We are now at the final stage before the beta launch. We are working hard on the bugs fixing, UI glitches, testing economy, algorithmic part, and dApp functionality overall.

Once the app is out, we will appreciate any contribution from the community. We fully expect there to be some small bugs — as in any platform to ever exist. Of course, our intention is to have an app that is smooth and painless to operate. That is why we will be paying a lot of attention to any troubleshooting from the user’s side. So, if you happen to see anything that bugs you (pun intended), make sure you let us know in any of the social media outlets. Links you will find below if you are not already a part of the discussion.

WEN release date?

Please, stay tuned and join us on Twitter and Telegram. Rumor has it that the release is coming soon 👀

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