Argano Beta — Launched! Pre-IDO Staking Allocation

Big thanks to all our early investors, contributors, and community members, thanks to your patience and your cold minds. We are excited to share with you our thoughts on launching the Beta version. In this article, we are going to describe the beta launch causes, protocol basis, and next steps of our long journey.

3 min readJan 7, 2022

Beta — do we really need it?

Initially, we have announced the plan to start the protocol from the prerelease version on November 17, our clear intentions were described in our previous blog post. Check it here 👇

According to the announcement, all plans were realized, and finally, we are here! 🎉

Argano Beta has already gone on the Polygon network in order to battle test our product and to incentivize YOU, our first contributor. If you have questioned how? — We have the answer.

Argano team has created Argano liquidity token — $AGOy and decided to use it for beta testers’ rewards. The main difference from the main governance token lies in the following:

  • $AGOy — nontradable reward token for Staking;
  • 1:1 exchangeable to governance $AGO token after IDO and full project release;
  • An additional option for the early-bird community members to receive pre-IDO token allocation;
  • $AGOy allocation is 1% from the $AGO total supply, namely — 650,000 units

How to receive a pre-IDO allocation

It’s easier than you could imagine, just use the basic features of the protocol!

6 Easy steps to becoming eligible for allocation:

  1. We are here 👈
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet and choose Polygon network. Don’t have a Polygon network? — Find it here or add a new network and paste the following:

Polygon mainnet


Network ID

Currency Symbol

3. Visit our Mint/Redeem page to get acquainted with current token creation ratios and their collateralization 👈

4. Mint AGOUSD or AGOBTC synthetic assets using your USDT/WBTC in accordance

5. Visit our Staking page to get acquainted with current reserves of AGOy allocation on staking pools 👈

6. Deposit your synthetic assets and claim your pre-IDO token allocation. Wow!

Note: Staking pools include deposit fee (4%) and deposit lockup (7days)

Follow up the steps above to earn CNUSD and CNBTC share tokens allocation as well! Those are tradable tokens and you choose what to do with them: fix profit by claiming rewards, reinvest in liquidity poos, use it for minting synthetic assets when collateral ratios will change their collateralization proportion ⚖️

Stay tuned, our next article will be dedicated to CNUSD and CNBTC use cases within the Argano protocol. Good luck and take a part in pre-IDO staking!

And as a reminder, that’s not only a possibility to claim allocation, Argano DAO is coming soon…


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